TS Lab & Geoservices is a Thin Section Lab based near Pisa, Italy that provides petrographic thin section services, fast sample turnaround, and affordable prices to the geology, archeology, paleontology, mineralogy, civil engineering, cultural heritage, mechanical engineering, petroleum engineering, anthropology sciences to name a few.

Thin Section Lab

We specialize in preparation of thin sections for all methods of analysis

Here are some exaples of our services:

sezione sottile standard
Standard thin section
campione inglobato
Grain/cuttings mount thin section
sezione lucida
Polished thin section

Research Services

geological map
Mapping and geological survey

Geological mapping, structural geology and geological-technical. Graphic arrangements for geological and thematic mapping prints.

Structural analysis

Structural/micro-structural analysis in contexts of ductile and brittle deformation.

Mineralogical and petrographic study

Mineralogical and petrographic study, petrographic classification (UNI-EN, ASTM, IUGS), and microphotography service.